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3 Tasty Dishes to Try Using Super Nutritious Himalayan Irha Brown Rice

While rice in itself is a very healthy choice, do you know what tops the list of healthy choices? ‘ — BROWN RICE Yes, it is the darling of the health food world.  You would be surprised to know that there was a time when people used to eat rice with husk (which is brown […]

How Fermented Rice Can Be a Healthy Choice

Here is a short snippet of what happens to the leftover rice (which can actually be used as fermented rice) in the majority of the households today:  A family of five cooks a kilogram of rice for lunch. Leftover rice is all over their plates and in the pot, which then gets wasted. At the end of […]

Brown Rice for Healthy Living and weight loss

Brown Rice for Healthy Living and weight loss Brown rice is a favourite of many health-conscious people in modern time. However, the major benefit of brown rice that has attracted is its characteristic of helping in weight loss. This is packed with nutrition, and with a perfectly balanced amount of calorie. This is the reason […]

Ways to cook Basmati Rice

Different Ways to Cook Basmati Rice Basmati rice is a favourite of all. Basically, it can be prepared in three methods, including stovetop, instant pot, and regular pressure cooker method. No need is to worry about cooking as it is not as tough as it is often touted to be. All that needs to be […]