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Long Grain Diamond

Basmati White

Feel the Aroma and Nutrition in a pack Handcrafted with Love

7.90mm Grain Size

Hand Crafted

10 min Ready Time

Nutrient Rich


  • Packed with the Original Flavors, Aroma and Nutrition
  • Partially Boiled
  • Easy to cook with minimal preparation time
  • A reminder of freshness and joy!
  • Grown with love and packed hygienically using ethical and eco- friendly methods
  • Grain size undergoes a threefold increase in size when cooked
This superior quality of Basmati rice is sourced straight from the Himalayan foothills. The Himalayas pose a perfect environment to produce this fine quality of rice and help us keep our product nutritional and rich in minerals. The care that goes into the production of this rice makes it stand out amongst other Basmati Rice brands. On cooking the rice, it releases an aroma so pure it will transport you to nature’s lap.
  • What makes this white rice distinct is that it is hand-crafted. The pre-processed rice is first partially boiled, then dried with its husk intact before going to the mills.
  • Every bite is nutritious! — Its intricate process ensures that the rice retains most of its nutritional components.

Available pack sizes: 1KG 5KG 10KG