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Taste the richness in flavor of the pearl finish grain

7.90mm Grain Size

Smooth Texture

10 min Ready Time

Nutrient Rich


  • Slender, firm texture, and inherent strength
  • A reminder of freshness and joy!
  • Slender and Long Grains
  • Easy to cook with minimal preparation time
  • Low to Medium Level of GI
  • Grown with love and packed hygienically using ethical and eco- friendly methods
Rice is the staple food for most of India and makes it our duty to give to you rice that you can relish and is 100% genuine. With all of us becoming increasingly health-conscious this variant of Irha’s basmati rice is known for its nuances processing and its distinctive and rich flavour. The long and slender grains stay separate, without sticking to each other, and make for the perfect visual treat and a delight for your palate. It’s a Basmati that has been aged to bring you the myriad flavors of India.
  • The smooth texture and its superlative cooking properties of this pearl finish grain is what separates it from the rest.
  • Promises to keep you fit as its low to medium level of GI of this variant goes well with your metabolism.

Available pack sizes: 1KG 5KG 10KG