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Brown Rice

Takes you on a Wellness Retreat with a Nutritional Power Pack

7.90mm Grain Size

Health pack

10 min Ready Time

Nutrient Rich


  • A relish, a delight and a quality that is incomparable.
  • With its low GI level, high fiber content and a ton of nutrients, Irha Unique Brown Rice is just what your diet and body needs.
  • 1121 Basmati rice of Tohana Quality – It surely is the best of the best!
  • Since good things take time, this rice takes a little longer to cook but it’s worth the wait!
As the name suggests , it surely is one of a kind when it comes to quality. The specialty of this rice lies in the bran layers that are left intact that make this variety of brown rice so popular amongst those opting for a healthier lifestyle. The bran not only provides key health benefits but also gives the rice an exquisite flavour. The grains are aged over a period of time and are unpolished making it unmatched from other varieties of brown rice in the market. Its high fiber content and low fat elements make it much more preferable and nutritious.
  • The distinctiveness of this variant of brown rice is in the fact that we select only 50,000 bags from many of this rice annually from the best 1121 paddy available in India.
  • Only recycled packaging material is used to retain the rawness and vibrance of the brand.

Available pack sizes: 1KG 5KG 10KG