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Irha Young

Brown Rice

Takes you on a Wellness Retreat with a Nutritional Power Pack

7.90mm Grain Size

Health pack

30 Mins Ready Time

Nutrient Rich


  • Brings in wellness and health with Irha Young Brown Rice
  • Say goodbye to health issues and unwanted body fat
  • Since good things take time, this rice takes a little longer to cook but it’s worth the wait!
  • A reminder of freshness and joy!
  • It is good for the heart and helps with digestion
Irha Young is not only very light on your body, it takes care of your wellness and nourishment. A sweet aroma and its slender, shiny grains make it both appetizing and a visual treat. It is sourced directly from the farmers, thus cutting out the middleman. Every grain remains unpolished, and it’s rawness is sure to transport you to moist soil and lush green paddy fields. A mouthful of this textured rice will not only rouse your senses but make your body feel so good.
  • What makes it distinct from the brown rice available is the numerous health benefits it offers owing to the fact that the bran layer is kept intact, and its processing is natural.
  • Well serves to keep you as fit as possible with its power packed nutrition.

Available pack sizes: 1KG 5KG 10KG